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Mature Olive Trees

Pacific West Tree Company offers a diverse selection of mature olive trees, ideal for enhancing landscapes with a Mediterranean flair. Specializing in varieties like Manzanillo, Mission, Ascolana, and Sevillano, they provide trees ranging from 10 feet to 100+ years old. Trees are available in various sizes, including small, medium, large, and extra-large heritage styles.

Manzanillo Olive Trees

Manzanillo olive trees are a versatile and popular choice for landscapes, available in various sizes to suit different spaces and design preferences. Each Manzanillo olive tree, aged between 12 and 100 years, brings a touch of Mediterranean elegance, rich foliage, and the potential for fruit production, enhancing any outdoor environment with their timeless charm.

Small Manzanillo Olive Trees
10′ – 42” – 48” Box Size

Ranging from 10 feet in height and housed in 42” to 48” boxes, these trees are perfect for compact spaces like patios and small gardens, offering a blend of beauty and functionality.
12 – 100 Years
Medium Manzanillo Olive Trees
14′ – 16’ – 54” – 60” Box Size

Standing between 14 and 16 feet tall in 54” to 60” boxes, these trees are ideal for mid-sized landscapes, providing ample shade and visual appeal for gardens and public spaces.
12 – 100 Years
Large Manzanillo Olive Trees
16’ – 18’ 72” Box Size

With heights ranging from 16 to 18 feet and planted in 72” boxes, these majestic trees are suited for larger landscapes, making impressive focal points in estates, expansive gardens, and commercial properties.
12 – 100 Years

Sevillano Olive Trees

Sevillano olive trees are renowned for their robustness and distinctive appearance, making them a standout choice for large landscapes. Each Sevillano olive tree enhances the landscape with its mature beauty and productive potential, suitable for various landscaping needs and preferences.

Large Sevillano Olive Trees
Size & Specs upon request

Available in various sizes upon request, these trees, aged between 12 and 100 years, are perfect for substantial landscapes. They are prized for their hardy nature and ability to produce large, flavorful olives, making them ideal for creating dramatic focal points in gardens or groves.
12 – 100 Years
100 Year Old Sevillano Olive Trees
Extra Large “Heritage Style”

These heritage-style trees, over 100 years old, add a sense of history and grandeur to any setting. Their mature, ancient presence is perfect for large estates, public parks, and prestigious properties, offering a timeless Mediterranean ambiance.
12 – 100 Years

Kalamata Olive Trees

Kalamata olive trees, known for their distinctive, flavorful olives, are available in various sizes and specifications upon request. These trees are a great addition to any landscape looking to incorporate both beauty and functionality.

Kalamata Olive Trees
Size & Specs upon request

Ideal for gardens, orchards, and culinary enthusiasts, Kalamata olive trees offer a unique blend of ornamental appeal and productive potential, making them a versatile choice for diverse landscaping needs.
100+ Years

Nothing else gives a landscape that “tropical” feel quite like palm trees. They are beautiful, hearty, and resilient and are known as the most symbolic components of the tropical landscape. Choose from a handful of specimen palms including Canary Date, True Date, Mexican Blue, Everglades, Mediterranean Fan and more.

We carry a variety of citrus and fruit subtropical bearing trees such as orange, grapefruit, lemon, pomegranates and more. Citrus and other fruit trees are a great addition to any landscape. and grow exceptionally. Subtropical trees have specific needs and attributes that have changed according to their native climates.

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